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The Gift of Grouse

The red grouse – Lagopus lagopus – is the truly unique native bird of Scotland.

It is at the heart of the magnificent landscape that forms such a large part of Scotland’s stunningly beautiful scenery.

The splendour of Scotland’s renowned purple heather is the home of the red grouse – and this is where it gives in so many different ways. Tourism, employment, conservation and the creation of a gateway to the countryside all directly benefit from the grouse.

Scotland is a world class destination for country sports such as grouse shooting which are now more accessible to people from all walks of life and are being enjoyed by young and old.

They appreciate and are passionate about the The Gift of Grouse.

Community Moorland Groups

People are at the heart of Gift of Grouse

The campaign aims to tell the story of the grouse shooting and grouse keeping industry, through the people who are involved with it every day of their lives – gamekeepers, their families and local businesses such as garages, butchers, restaurants and hotels who work closely with estates across rural Scotland.

Local moorland groups are well on their way to being established in key grouse shooting areas in Scotland – organised, managed and driven by local people and are wholeheartedly promoting the positive benefits of moorland management and conservation.

Outstanding examples of this commitment is the work done to date by the Angus Glens Moorland Group, Grampian Moorland Group, Loch Ness Rural Communities, the Southern Uplands Moorland Group, the Strathdearn & Speyside Moorland Group, and the Tayside & Central Moorland Group. Please click on the links below to read more about each group:

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