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There have been numerous studies over many years into the tourism benefits of grouse shooting in Scotland.

Robert Leggat

Grouse shooting plays a major part in the £200 million that is generated for the Scottish economy by shooting and stalking every year.

Visitors come from all over the world to shoot in Scotland and grouse shooting makes a significant contribution to Scotland’s tourism offering.

The experience of visitors coming to Scotland shoot is summed up perfectly by Robert Legget, who works in London and has been shooting grouse in the Highlands for nearly 50 years.

“Since I was a boy of 16 I have enjoyed grouse shooting and there is nowhere better than in Scotland.

“The outstanding landscape of the heather-clad mountains is a magnificent backdrop to a day out on the hill.

“I prefer the walked up days as it seems so natural and have been shooting on the same Highland estate for more than 25 years. My friend, who comes with me, travels all the way from Madeira and we never tire of the scenery.

“We stay in a local hotel when we are shooting and I firmly believe that we should all look at this as part of tourism. People travel the world to play golf or go to football matches and shooting grouse is just the same. It’s a sporting challenge and one that makes a huge difference to remote communities and local economies.

“There is nowhere like Scotland and its people to shoot grouse with and I think it is one of the country’s greatest tourism success stories.”