The Gift of Grouse campaign is calling on the Scottish Government to ‘listen to the real voice of rural Scotland’ and resist pressure from activists determined to undermine a world-leading country sports sector.

More than 30,000 people will attend the Scottish Game Fair which begins today (Friday 30 June) and celebrates the multiple benefits that game management provides to the rural economy and way of life.

Supporters of the Scottish Game Fair held at Scone, Perthshire and the thousands who also attend the Moy Game Fair in Inverness-shire later in the summer demonstrate the widespread support from rural communities across Scotland for the country sports sector.

However, many who work and live in rural communities feel their concerns are being ignored by government and decision-makers under intense pressure from anti-country sports activists.

Lianne MacLennan, national campaigns manager for Scotland’s regional moorland groups, says: “There are many thousands of people across Scotland who will be at the Game Fair today showing their support for what gamekeepers and land managers do for wildlife and nature as well as the multitude of hospitality businesses that make Scotland’s country sports truly world class. We say to the government that this is the real voice of rural Scotland that should be listened to rather than activists who are determined to see the end of country sports.”

Chloe Forbes of Country Sport Scotland, said: “Country sports are vital to rural economies all the year round. Aside from the visitors we attract from all over the world, local communities are sustained by a wide range of businesses that all contribute to the country sports sector. This is something we should all take pride in and celebrate.”

Ross Ewing, Moorland Director at Scottish Land & Estates, said: “Legislation is going through the Scottish Parliament that will introduce a licensing scheme for grouse shooting. Government must recognise that when such a scheme comes into force it needs to work properly so that rural businesses can continue making their valuable social, economic and environmental contribution to rural Scotland.”

Grouse shooting and traditional field sports contribute £350 million to the Scottish economy, directly supporting 2,640 full-time jobs and with further benefits to the tourism sector in Scotland.

The Gift of Grouse campaign showcases the benefits of driven grouse shooting for Scotland – in the form of employment, tourism, conservation and accessibility.

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