The Gift

The gifts that grouse provide to Scotland are many. The presence of grouse on the nation’s moorland is unrivalled internationally and the subsequent benefits that flow to our rural areas are unsurpassed.

Fergus Ewing, former Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity, said:“The Scottish Government is committed to maximising tourism growth and to supporting field sports. Scotland offers the complete package of sport, a warm welcome, good food & drink and unrivalled landscapes and grouse shooting makes a valuable contribution to the rural economy, including the winter months.
“I am very pleased to be able to extend support to all of those who make a success of fields sports in a professional and responsible fashion. Their efforts bring to Scotland a number of visitors who are very welcome and make a significant financial contribution to the sector.”

Robert Rattray, Consultant at Sporting Lets, said: “It’s fantastic to have a platform such as Gift of Grouse from which to showcase the Scottish Grouse Shooting industry. Scotland’s grouse moors offer an unrivalled world class sport which draws global visitors, brings additional money to rural communities and supports important species conservation work. The many gifts of grouse should not be overlooked or underestimated.”

Garry MacLennan, Head Keeper at Invermark Estate, is at the forefront of telling the gamekeeper’s story. He says: “A lot of people simply see the 12th of August as toffs out enjoying themselves. The reality is different. Work is going on all year round on the moors, nurturing habitat and a range of wildlife species as well as supporting local families and communities. This is our world and our livelihoods.”