Scotland’s moorland groups, local butchers and sporting estates in Grampian and Tayside have joined forces to bring delicious hot dinners to local residents and community groups.

Rural estates in Tayside have donated pheasant and grouse to the award-winning Game for Giving initiative, originally set up in 2016, which has fed over 2,500 families in Scotland to date.

Dozens of packets of pheasant and grouse breasts have been provided to the Horizons Lunch Club Aberfeldy, the Church of Scotland in Aberfeldy, and some donated directly to local residents.

The birds have all been processed and vacuum-packed  by Perthshire Game in Scone.

Deirdre Falconer, coordinator of Grampian Moorland Group and Tayside and Central Scotland Moorland Group, made a delivery of over 70 packs to various groups and individuals in the Aberfeldy area, including the Seniors Lunch Club, the Community Food Bank and Community Larder. Individual families are also receiving packages.

Deirdre said: “We are lucky to have such sustainable and healthy game right on our door step. The added bonus is having talented and skilled butchers, and chefs within our communities to assist us in delivering the game from estate to plate, in such an easy and tasty way. Helping those within the community is incredibly rewarding, especially at this time of year, so we’re delighted to carry on the tradition.”

Frances Gillespie, a resident of Kenmore said: “Thank you so much for the most welcome gift of the pheasant and grouse breasts which my husband and I will both enjoy. The vegetables and mince pies were quite unexpected, thank you again for going to all this trouble. My elderly neighbour was delighted when I handed over the bag of goodies and has asked me to pass on her thanks too.”

In Grampian, venison packages have been delivered to families and community groups.

Banchory and Mid-Deeside Councillor, Ann Ross, said: “I was humbled to be able to help with this initiative by the Grampian Moorland Group to distribute venison goodie bags throughout Banchory and Mid Deeside. The healthy sustainable produce was greatly appreciated and gratefully received.  My thanks goes to the rural estate of Glenlivet together with all the game dealers, local butchers and chefs who made this possible.”

Several upland estates in the Grampian Moorland Group area donated their venison, and HM Sheridan’s The Butchers in Ballater processed it for the Game for Giving initiative.

The Silver Circle Seniors’ Lunch Group, which meets at Lonach Hall in Strathdon also received venison roasts and packs of pheasant breasts to be cooked for their Christmas lunch.