International Day of Rural Women – Rachel Richards

Rachel Richards is a Home Economics Teacher at Kingussie High School who has  made a huge contribution to rural education for her pupils by showing them how to prepare and cook game. As a result of this, Rachel was nominated in the Game Hero category of the 2018 Eat Game Awards and came third behind Scott Rea and James Martin, beating Jamie Oliver and many other renowned chefs.

Rachel says: “The area in which I live is surrounded by estates which can provide our students with jobs, lifelong careers and an abundance of prime quality game. I am extremely passionate that our students are educated about the use of this freely available, local and seasonal produce and how it can be incorporated into a healthy balanced diet.

“Many families eat poultry and other processed packaged meats yet are scared by these unknown delicacies which come fully feathered or furred. By teaching my students how to prepare and butcher game from scratch they no longer see it as intimidating and can easily adapt any recipe to incorporate game into a family meal.  By giving students the knowledge and some basic essential skills they are able to make choices and decisions for themselves.

“We aim to make our students passionate about their local community and the opportunities this provides for their careers and wellbeing.”




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