Young female wildlife artist, Clare Brownlow has fished, shot and stalked with her father since she was a young girl and this is what ignited her passion for painting. Living in the Scottish Borders, Clare is immersed in the rural way of life, supporting her husband who is a sporting agent specialising in sporting trips to Scotland.

Clare a keen shot, now, together with her husband, is prioritizing the next generation, teaching their two young boys to shoot, out on her father’s or father in-law’s shoot in Norfolk and here with friends in the Borders. The family help out on shoot days in the Borders and Clare and her boys also beat when they can.

Supporting moorland life, Clare wants to encourage her boys to be a part of the community as well as growing up understanding the hard work and passion people put into the sport they are going to enjoy. In the Scottish Borders the local community benefits hugely from fieldsports with people visiting from all over the world who stay, eat and shop locally.

There are many estates in the Scottish Borders that rely heavily on the local families be it game keepers, ghillies, beaters, holiday lets, local shops for example and therefore supporting many rural jobs. And these estates and local farmers also give back to the community helping on local projects from playparks to sponsored rides and cleaning up litter and trying to keep our countryside a clean and safe place for all the enjoy.

Clare benefit from living and working in the Scottish Borders and the wildlife that abounds this varied and contrasting area, not to mention its fame for being a red letter place for fieldsports. Clare believes the work that is carried out by our keepers and managers on these estates is undoubtedly beneficial to so many red list species.

Clare has donated paintings to many rural organisations and charities and has held a local fayre called the ‘Arty Farty Fayre’ in aid of the Borders Children’s Charity.  Clare also works with Curlew Conservation and the Atlantic Salmon Trust.

As an artist, Clare gets to spend time in the wild watching the natural world and she can see first-hand the hard work and dedication rural workers put in to the benefit of our landscape. Clare is a girl of the sea but hugely enjoys living in a landlocked county where she can fully appreciate the beautiful natural world.

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