Edinglassie Estate is a mixed upland livestock farming and sporting estate with a strong commitment to enhancing biodiversity and combating climate change.

The estate has been fully organic for over 20 years (certified by the Soil Association) and has two Special Protection Areas for common gulls. A substantial area of the farm is entered into various AEC schemes covering everything from water quality enhancement to managing grassland for waders and encouraging wild flowers.

Significant peatland restoration projects have been undertaken on the moor to repair damage caused in the past by industrial extraction, such as grip blocking, re-profiling of peat hags and re-vegetating areas of eroded peat with heather and sphagnum. In addition, over the past 20 years, in excess of 75 hectares of native and riparian woodland have been planted, amounting to over 85,000 trees ranging from native Caledonian pine to rowan, birch, hazel, oak and alder.

The estate employs five people full time, including a gamekeeper. All are housed on the estate and in addition a further eight cottages are supplied to local people at affordable rents. The estate also operates a single holiday cottage. Employees and housing tenants tend to stay at Edinglassie for 20+ years, becoming integral members of the local community with their families supporting essential services such as the primary school and village hall.


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