The Gift of Grouse has been working with a wide variety of people and organisations with grouse moors at heart to help highlight the importance of the sector.

Many local and remote businesses rely on the industry for business trade and tourism, offering a lifeline to so many people living in rural communities throughout Scotland, and it’s a way of life for gamekeepers and their families.

We heard from Sean Black, owner of Gatehouse Mechanical Services, Aberfeldy.

“I enjoy a great relationship with local estates and currently work with six that solely use my company to service all their vehicles, supplying new tyres, carrying out MOTs, services and all repairs. Direct work from estates accounts for approximately 20 per cent of my business, with additional revenue generated from servicing estate workers’ private vehicles and their families’ and friends’ cars.

“As with many local businesses, we very much depend on these estates and the downstream benefits they present to the local community. Without the business generated from these estates and the shooting industry, it would be a very different picture for us. I currently employ three staff but I would have to reduce the number of people working for me if the shooting industry was to stop.”

The Scottish Grouse season is worth £32 million annually and directly supports 2,640 jobs!

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